Merry Christmas

Hello, welcome to something written rather than you seeing and hearing me, this might well be of some relief to some of you! Ordinarily, I keep these posts to Patreon only, but for something like this I think it’s probably important that it’s accessible to everyone. As we begin to say goodbye to 2022, it … Continue reading Merry Christmas

October 15th – BLOG

If you’d like to listen rather than read, you can do that here: It’s been a while since I sat down and wrote something personal for people to read, although not that long since I tried. The last 6 months have been an absolute roller coaster for me and frankly I had to get off … Continue reading October 15th – BLOG

26th November – BLOG

Holy smokes, where did the time go?! Sorry that I said I’d commit to more of these, for whatever reason it didn’t happen, I’ll endeavour to do more though, it’s bizarre really, it feels like I did one last week…. I clearly did not. I guess the major factor is that I am BACK when … Continue reading 26th November – BLOG

August 22nd – BLOG

Before you start reading, I post these regularly to all supporters of my Patreon, you can check it out here if you’re interested: That said, I will occasionally share one of these with everyone. Hello friends! We’re back again with another blog post, I think getting the hang of this, it’s been a incredibly … Continue reading August 22nd – BLOG

Football Manager as an esport?

I’m a self confessed esports addict, I was gripped for the first time watching competitive Call of Duty in 2012 and over the years have developed a keen interest in Counter Strike: Global Offensive as my go to for both playing and watching (of which I do more watching than playing), while at the same time following FIFA, Rocket League, DOTA 2, Overwatch and Call of Duty from more of a distance over the last 6 years, watching each of them either continue to grow/decline or enter the world of esports for the first time with varied success.
So as you can imagine, when I hear the words, ‘Football Manager’ and ‘esports’ put together, my ears perk up, but it’s curious, my levels of interest from the view of an esports fan before a content creator seem to take over quite aggressively.  Continue reading “Football Manager as an esport?”