26th November – BLOG

Holy smokes, where did the time go?!

Sorry that I said I’d commit to more of these, for whatever reason it didn’t happen, I’ll endeavour to do more though, it’s bizarre really, it feels like I did one last week…. I clearly did not.

I guess the major factor is that I am BACK when it comes to making FM content, and I don’t just mean uploading regularly, I’m giving it everything. In a nice way I’m not trying too hard to make that the case, it’s coming naturally, it’s flowing, and I’m having a lot of fun with it, and the most important thing? People are responding to that, which is easily the best feeling about making Youtube videos. I’ve been doing this for a long time now, I’m a Youtube OG veteran from the 2007 days, and nothing beats the buzz of people enjoying the stuff you make just as much as I do making it, hopefully you know how much it means to me.

Let’s go over the story so far…

The Spurs series.

I genuinely cannot believe the response, view wise episode one didn’t take off as some of my other BETA saves have, but the view difference between part 1 and 2, that’s the key thing for me, people came back in their thousands and then decided to stick with it. It’s been different to my other BETA saves too, it’s more of a challenge, and at the same time has more of a story as a result of the challenge not being easy. It’s been a blast, I don’t know how long it’ll continue for, which probably tells it’s own story as when you know something is coming to the end the episodes almost make themselves, but currently it feels very much alive, I love that. Maybe we’ll do another save ‘similar’ that allows me the same freedoms. That’s if I actually complete this one by winning something…
The Glory Hunter series.

I can echo many of the things I’ve said about the Spurs series, it’s been a joy, a real joy, when you start a new project it can be a real mental challenge, you chiefly want people to give a shit, that’s the long and short of it. I’m not somebody that can do the same thing year on year, where’s the challenge in that? I get the familiarity factor, but as a viewer, I can’t get stuck into the same story written 5/6/7 times. Last year didn’t work out for me, but you know what? When I felt like I’d failed, I failed trying something new, I don’t regret that aspect of it at all, if anything I’ve learnt a lot. Glory Hunter seems to have captured the imagination of people, which is perfect, G is back, Editor Ben is chipping in, the voice from my right is playing a part and we’ve not even seen BenSportsNews yet, I’m sure we will at some point…

I might make a video on my thought process when selecting Inter, I had 2/3 teams set as as my starting team before finally settling with them. I had lots of choices but I think I’ve gone with the right one, the series should get mini boosts throughout as I move from team to team. I’m so excited to see where it takes me, it feels fucking good to be this pumped about my own videos again. The picture I keep painting is being in March at a team battling for Europe, but it being too tough to win, so I move to a giant in another nation who are deep into a domestic cup, imagine the scenes if I bottle that, oh baby. We’re only what? 5/6 episodes in? I’m hooked.

I’ll dedicate a blog to the tournament I’ve talked about a few times soon, things have moved forward in the last few weeks and it’s getting closer, I just hope the community accept what I’m trying to do and support it by seeing the big picture. Soon, I promise. I’ve shared this blog on my website too, if you’re reading from there, HELLO, feel free to consider supporting for more blogs on Patreon or just because you’re enjoying the videos! If you’re here with me on Patreon already they’ll be more coming soon, I intend on setting up all the perks I’ve frankly slacked on over the years too, we’ll talk about that more soon together.

I’ve never been more nervous for a game release as I was this year, there were absolutely moments last year when I considered calling time on my Football Manager adventure, but I’m addicted… even if I was 2 days late for the BETA as my office was in the middle of a DIY SOS conversion (shoutout to Nerdphonic for being a hero), but the confidence I have right now, it’s certainly making me stronger. With respect to all of the other creators making Football Manager content similar to myself, many of which are my friends, you had a year without me last year, sure I was uploading, but it was like an auto pilot, ghost version of me, and while I really don’t consider it a competition, I am back and I’ll be working harder than anyone to make this year the most engaging, most entertaining and most genuine FM year yet, and I intend on being the best version of myself throughout, that’s who I’m really ‘competing’ against… Rebekah Vardy, no sorry, me.


Thank you for reading and thank you for supporting me, you are my motivation right now, I owe you.


Let’s keep this going



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